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Get Consistent Leads & Sales through Facebook Ads

You want a reliable system for acquiring customers.. 

Instead, you find that traditional advertising isn’t working or is so expensive that it isn’t very profitable.

You’re largely dissatisfied with your sales, but you don’t see a way to fix it.

Your SEO or PPC advertiser is arguing that their methods did work because you got “clicks”. Clicks don’t equal sales. 

Maybe you’re on social media - whether that’s Instagram, Twitter, or whatever the newest thing is. You’re spending A LOT of time posting. The posts aren't getting the exposure you expected and just a few responses. It seems pretty unlikely you'll get sales, despite the level of effort you’re putting into it.

You feel left behind because you see other businesses are crushing it online. Something needs to change because your current advertising isn’t getting anyone into your store or on the phone to buy.

Introducing the Automated Touch Machine (ATM) Service 

When your business implements the Automated Touch Machine (ATM) service, you can finally get the customer interest and sales that you want. You can be at peace knowing you've finally nailed the main part of your sales system - getting prospects' contact information. The ATM service is a modern, reliable way to acquire qualified leads.

With Facebook ads at the heart of this leads generating machine, you have a future facing strategy. This is a better investment than ads that use outdated mediums like radio, print, or TV, which have decreasing audiences. 

In contrast, Facebook and Instagram audiences that have steadily grown, despite adversity. These platforms are here to stay, and they're the place your current and future customers are socializing. Don’t you want to visit with them and share about your business?

Give your business' lead generating task to a modern ad agency and save yourself time and heartache. Traditional broadcast and print media employ a spray and pray methodology. The client writes their best ad and it goes out to a large diverse audience. After you spend big bucks to get it in the mass media, you wait and pray that the right audience will hear it and respond. (I know this - I’ve sold both print and radio!)

With Facebook ads, you can methodically test a targeted audience, your message, and so many other things, on a small scale. Then you can go big, knowing the exact audience and message. Facebook Ads themselves can be more methodically structured and are more profitable than traditional channels and less expensive than Google pay per click.

Restaurant Testimonial 

A popular Australian Restaurant felt strangled by their high radio ad spend. The thousands of dollars they spent on radio advertising weren’t providing a return on investment. They asked a large Facebook Ad Agency (for which I was the Ad specialist) to give them Facebook Ads. 

We focused on a new promotion each month - from a contest to live music to a special offer. We were able to reach thousands of users and that translated to a massive increase in restaurant visitors and sales.

"Our restaurant is full. We're spending 33% less than we did with radio and it's much more successful."

How It Works 

This Automated Touch Machine (ATM) service is an advertising system that consistently delivers customers to your business. It takes your business' social media from zero to hero in 1-3 months.

Step 1: Company Branding

Many offline or brick and mortar businesses don’t have a unique look, feel, or message to stand out in the Facebook newsfeed. We take businesses through branding exercises that result in authentic and unique messaging that attracts and engages their ideal customers. (Branding Value $500)

Midsize businesses have often already paid for this creative work, but small businesses (under $1M) tend to need to create or fine tune their branding.

Step 2: Leads Collection Ad Campaign

Once brand is determined, we create a leads collection ad campaign focused on collecting the ideal audience's contact information.

Typically, ads drive the audience to a landing page (or messenger bot) where users can provide their name, email, and phone number.

Businesses then start talking to users directly off Facebook via email and/or phone. The qualified leads that are ready, become customers immediately. The other users that are captured become customers in the future through regular email. (More on this in a minute). (Value $750/month + initial setup fee)

We use Facebook Ads Manager, the behind-the-scenes online application Facebook offers to create ad campaigns, to push posts into the Facebook newsfeed.

Lead collection is one of the most affordable ways to leverage Facebook Ads! You're not sending ads that request the customer to buy right away, so the ad itself cost less. Also, by getting users into email, you can continue to send them messages at a lower cost than Facebook ads.  (Ads Manager Value: $750/month)

Step 3: Ad Nurturing Campaign

For the next level of ATM service, we create an ad campaign focused on nurturing audiences. We deliver a series of relevant posts to the target audience for the average buying cycle.

We use the insights we have from your branding and previous ad campaigns to craft the perfect ads for you.

This campaign enables your company to stay top of mind while the customer decides whether to buy your home service, educational product, special restaurant special, etc. (Ads Manager Value: $750/month)

Step 4: Email Nurturing Campaign

We also craft the most amazing email campaign that money can buy. This is a 7 email sequence that includes a "Welcome Campaign" and a "Sales Campaign." 

We use psychology-driven emails that users want to open and read. Our methods have higher open rates and click thru rates. These are not the same old emails you get from most places.

These are supercharged emails that users can't resists reading and responding to. Which is good, because these emails are one of the pillars of this ad campaign that drives prospects to become customers.

After users go through these initial email and ad campaigns, you can continue to nurture them by sending a weekly or biweekly email. Our agency work is done here, but your new relationship has just begun! We strongly suggest keeping these relationships healthy by continuing the conversation with your new customers and prospects.

Qualified Leads At Your Fingertips  

The ATM service gives you consistent qualified leads that turn into sales. You can stop relying on other expensive media methods that aren’t effective and don’t give a return on investment. 

You can stop worrying where your next sales are coming from when we implement the ATM service for regular business leads and sales. 

We limit this service to one new customer per month, due to the amount of time that initial setup takes. The required monthly ad spend (money paid directly to Facebook) is $1,000 per month.


Here's our process: You provide your contact information via the button below, we’ll send some qualifying questions via email. NO high pressure sales tactics or anything crazy. We like to work with businesses that want to work with us, no arm-twisting involved.

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Branding Results

This home services business struggled on social media. They had paid other social media specialists to craft posts before, but they couldn’t get a response.

I lead them through a branding exercise and voila! I was able to capture their authentic voice and translate it into a brand personality. 

The results: $.04/ per engagement on average.

This July 4th post did even better. 

495 likes of 3,085 views = 1 in 6 people who felt compelled to respond.


The Air Knight purifier must be installed in the home air circulation system. This is how it is able to clean all the air and surfaces in your home. When you submit your phone number, we’ll give you a call to give you a price estimate and answer all your questions.

Yes, Air Knight cleans all the air and surfaces throughout the home. Air Knight is installed in the home HVAC system and thus treats all air that passes through the HVAC unit and the home surfaces that air touches.

Facebook and Instagram are successful platforms that businesses can rely on. Their audiences have steadily grown, despite adversity. As Facebook (the parent company for both Facebook and Instagram) worked to correct the Cambridge Analytical information leak and also through the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook and Instagram audiences grew. These platforms are here to stay and they're the place your current and future customers are socializing. Don’t you want to visit with them and take them to your place of business?

Yes, Air Knight cleans all the air and surfaces throughout the home. Air Knight is installed in the home HVAC system and thus treats all air that passes through the HVAC unit and the home surfaces that air touches.

Sometimes when people look at the overall cost for Facebook ads, it can look expensive. However, the cost per user reached is quite low. For example, a facebook video can cost as little as $.01 or $.02 to be delivered to a user. Facebook can reach prospects en masse both affordably and effectively.

While a good size ad spend is required for ads to work optimally, the investment is worthwhile considering the return on investment. The many features of Facebook Ads enable us to methodically improve ads until they systematically deliver qualified leads and money into your pocket.

Yes, Air Knight cleans all the air and surfaces throughout the home. Air Knight is installed in the home HVAC system and thus treats all air that passes through the HVAC unit and the home surfaces that air touches.

It's easier for small to mid-size businesses to succeed with Facebook Ads than Google PPC. The problem with Google PPC is that there are no images. It can be hard to capture a prospects attention, given all the other listings on the page. This is especially true if your ad listing gets put in the sidebar.

Google is also more expensive per click than ever (whereas Facebook prices are usually $1/click). It's particularly easier for a business with less ad spend but more creativity to succeed on Facebook than Google. This is because Facebook will literally push you ad out to more people if it is popular, whereas Google doesn't give any credit for that - distribution is based strictly on a bidding war.

Yes, Air Knight cleans all the air and surfaces throughout the home. Air Knight is installed in the home HVAC system and thus treats all air that passes through the HVAC unit and the home surfaces that air touches.

Businesses need a follow up method - like a landing page or bot - that both presents the specific product or service and captures the users' contact information. Too many Google Ads , for example, go to the homepage of a website or a webpage that doesn't capture contact information. This makes it almost impossible for the business to help the customer along their journey to make a sale. 

By capturing contact information, the company is enabling the prospect to easily raise their hand and ask for a phone call with price estimate or to be put on an email list for more information. Regardless of the exact follow up, the lead easily gets more helpful information that takes them closer to making a purchase.

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