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Strategy Boost 

For Small Business That Want Momentum 🚀


Are you trying to put together all the pieces of the puzzle to run Facebook or Instagram ads? It can be overwhelming. There are artistic considerations and technical details to determine. It's even more confusing if you're listening to a variety of gurus, each with their own favorite funnel (series of online steps).

If you’re a digitally savvy entrepreneur,

You might find yourself in the same position. You’ve tried many things and discovered some things that work for you online. Have you tried Facebook ads? (Unless you've spent $1,000, the answer is - not really). Ads can take years to master, so they're worth outsourcing. Ads can help you jump to the next income bracket in months, not years.

If you’re a brick and mortar business -

Without an active social media account, you may feel like you’re watching the internet boom pass you by. You may have tried social media posts, but they didn’t get any response or any sales. If that’s the case, you are probably wondering if you can sell online at all. There are effective ways for small businesses to sell online, and the best ways include ads. 😉

👉Start Here If You Want To End With Sales👈

You need a solid online strategy based on cutting edge ad strategies, years of ads experience, and with an eye toward your short and long term revenue goals.

When I create an ad strategy, it’s more than a nice idea. It’s a tactical plan that sketches out details around pictures, messaging, offers, landing pages, email, and how it all fits together. I’ve had some pretty successful ad campaigns (you’ll see some below).

I’m here to create an up-to-date, successful ad plan that works for you. I bring my own experience, as well as that of my ads community and ads coach, into the conversation. This insures you get an industry specific, smokin' hot strategy that's generated $$$ for others.

The Strategy Boost will empower you to move forward confidently and quickly, whether that's independently or with the help of my agency.


“Mustard Seed Social saved me!

As a social media professional I needed to upgrade to Facebook Ads Manager. I found myself in the unenviable position of knowing too much for all the beginner tutorials and not enough to understand the advanced YouTube videos. 

Maile prepared a tutorial tailored to my specific needs and helped me take my business to the next level.

One of my campaigns quadrupled in viewership after our first session!

Highly recommend!!”

Dannelle Shugart

(1-2-1 Consultation)

"Our restaurant is full. We're spending 33% less than we did with radio and it's much more successful"

-Australian restaurant & pub

🎵This is How We Do It 🎵 

I'll provide a custom strategy that fits your industry, your business, and how it’s growing right now.

  1. We start with an in-depth questionnaire. I’ll email you the document to complete in a couple of days. This way I can understand your business, and offer you something MUCH better than a big box solution. No one fits in the box. I’m going to tailor an outside the box strategy to meet your business’ needs.                                    

  2. I do business specific research to better understand your business and the best strategies for your goals. I review possible strategies with my ads coach.                               
  3. We meet for 90 minutes to go over the strategy, explain why it works, answer your questions, and adjust it according to your input.

  4. I  provide a recording of the call, as well as helpful online resources: free tutorials, swipe files, and/or training for your specific strategy.
    VALUE: $1,000

This strategy session pays for itself many times over. If you implementt portions of the strategy immediately (even without ads), this will help you make more sales. Without a doubt, this investment is priced on the low side, so please invest today before we raise the price.

Steps To Sign Up ✅  

If you’re interested, tap the button below.

  1. I'll email right away to check if you have any questions. 

  2. If you want to meet to discuss this service, we'll schedule 30 minutes on my calendar.

  3. If you're ready to buy now, I'll secure your spot on my calendar via email and invite you to pay via Paypal.

  4. Once those steps are complete, I'll email the questionnaire, and we'll get started on your Strategy Boost.


"Our Facebook meeting with Maile at Mustard Seed Social was essential to our understanding of social media trends and opportunities. She provided fantastic ideas and insight for our business to promote with our customers.

After our meetings with Maile, we knew how to best engage our Facebook followers. With her help we developed social media goals we are working toward. Maile, thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas with us!”

-Haylie Buersemeyer

VA Spa & Salon

A new retail association wanted Facebook Ads primarily for awareness.

Thought there wasn't an appropriate funnel in place, we also provided:

553 Messenger subscribers

271 email subscribers

They were happy to leverage their lists for a December Holiday Guide that promoted their restaurants and retail shops.

📚 Get the Benefit of All These Courses, Without Taking Them 📚  

I’ve taken a lot of courses in order to solve small businesses’ online challenges. If you aren’t a Facebook Ads Manager - you don’t need all these right now. Maybe you don’t need any.

The courses I’ve taken include:

  • - Jon Loomer- Facebook Pixel training
  • - Cat Howell- Facebook Ads That Convert
  • - Rick Mulready- Facebook Ads Manager Course
  • - Brittany Bullen - Social media courses
  • - Hilary Rushford - Instagram with Intention Courrse
  • - Billy Gene- Facebook Ads Course
  • - Manychat- Bog building course
  • - Matt Plapp - Agency  Accelerator course 
  • - Atomic Membership - includes Brand Mavericks course 
  • - Social Media Examiner membership
  • - Inner Circle - Facebook Ads membership
  • - Sell Like a Mutha course
  • -Elite Ad Manager Certification

That’s $15,000+ worth of training. You can take these courses to get the broad overview that you need. Or you can just ask me. During the Strategy Boost, I’ll let you know whether your next best steps include a done for you option, one of these courses, or maybe you just need to implement some specific insights.

I have personally implemented every step that produces sales from social media, either for myself or for my customers. Whatever is keeping your customer from b
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  • - Fac
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  • - Me
  • - Brand
  • - Fa
  • - Landing Pages
  • - Sales 
  • - Texts
  • - Emails

We’ll put together a strategy that enables you to make more money ASAP!

🛑 Don't Make This Mistake 🛑

My very first business purchase was a $250 course to learn how to install the Facebook Pixel from Jon Loomer. Though his website clearly says “For Advanced Facebook Marketers”, I did not heed the warning. I thought I was going to learn everything about making popular Facebook posts. Instead, I learned how to install the Facebook pixel - the code that goes on your website for ad tracking. It was a while before I made any money off of that investment.

When you sign up for a strategy session, you’re saving yourself from a similar fate. Don't go around in circles trying to YouTube the ad information that you need. (It's probably not there, and it's too hard to piece all the information together). You'll save a lot of time and frustration by asking this Ad Manager who has been in the trenches for the last couple of years.

You Might Want To Avoid An Online Course 🧐  

Even if you buy an online system for ads or sales, those can be so generic that they don’t work well for your specific industry or business.

There’s also this fact (which no one talks about) that a lot of these courses don’t come with enough support. It’s like buying a college course (including the high price point) and just getting the book. How are you supposed to implement without a teacher coaching you on how to apply these concepts? It means there’s a lot of trial and error. It can be a long frustrating journey to get where you want to go. 

That’s why the Strategy Boost session is live. I offer options to get your ads and funnel running smoothly (a funnel is a series of online steps). I explain and show you how that all works, with examples from previous successful campaigns. 

I will give you a solid ad strategy with realistic revenue expecations, that shaves months off your revenue goals. Some fixes will likely help you to sell services immediately. No worries, this service pays for itself. 

Steps To Sign Up ✅  

If you’re interested, tap the button below.

  1. I'll email right away to check if you have any questions. 
  2. If you want to meet to discuss this service, we'll schedule 30 minutes on my calendar
  3. If you're ready to buy now, I'll secure your spot on my calendar via email and invite you to pay via Payp
  4. Once those steps are complete, I'll email the questionnaire, and we'll get started on your Strategy Boost.

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